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Items 1-6 von 34

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Hallite 777 (Polyurethane & NBR)


  • High temperature and pressure capabilities

  • Fits common industry housings

  • Resists rolling and twisting in long stroke applications

  • Low operating friction level

  • Strong abrasion resistance

  • Easy to install

  • Positive load holding capabilities

  • Ideal for use with Hallite 506, 533 or 87 bearing

The Hallite 777 double-acting, energised piston seal is a compact seal for medium to heavy-duty applications designed to fit a range of industry standard grooves making it ideal for retrofitting existing products. Our metric part range will fit ISO 7425-1 standard type housings and our inch parts will typically fit standard industry grooves. The seal’s geometry provides fluid reservoir between the primary sealing lips which reduces breakaway and running friction. The Hallite 777 is comprised of a tough, wear-resistant thermoplastic elastomer face seal pre-loaded with a square or rectangular cross-section NBR energizer depending on the groove proportions. The square or rectangular energiser provides an equal load on the seal face while also providing improved stability over a conventional O-ring energiser. This design allows this seal to be used in smaller grooves without compromising the performance of the sealing system. The standard face material for the Hallite 777 is Hythane® 723, one of Hallite’s high temperature polyurethanes (HTPU). Additional material options are available. The energiser material comes in a number of material options to extend operating conditions. Contact your local Hallite technical team to decide which is best for your application. We recommend that an adequate bearing, such as the Hallite 506 or 87 bearing strip or the Hallite 533 moulded bearing, is mounted on one or both sides of the seal.For further details of bearing grooves, please refer to the appropriate product data sheet.

Max. Pressure 400 Bar
Temp. Range - 45 ℃ to 130 ℃
Max. Speed 0,5 m/s